Canadian Tuxedo

IMG_8764 This morning I was heading out for a blog meeting [more on that below!] and wanted to be warm and semi-dressed up. I felt like I had worn my sheer printed blouses quite a few times recently, so I instead opted for this chambray top printed with little skulls! Since I actually picked up this top in the men's section of Target, I decided to take even more menswear inspiration today and throw on some dark skinnies for a Canadian tuxedo [denim on denim] look. While I'm wearing Vans in these photos because it ended up getting pretty rainy today, a crucial part of this look is adding feminine touches, like a heeled boot, which is what I was wearing earlier in the day!






Today's venture out to the Nørrebro neighborhood was to meet up with furniture designer David Ritter of designritter. We hung out in his studio for a while and talked about his design process and interior work. He was so friendly and interesting to talk to, and I can't wait to share what I learned from him in a future interview here on the blog! Stay tuned!

x. Paige

skull print chambray // Target Men's, similar Easy Jean // American Apparel hi-tops // Vans Sk8-Hi statement necklace // H&M Copenhagen gold watch // Casio

Camouflaged Cobblestones

IMG_7861 If you've ever traveled to Europe before, or a city with medieval urban planning, you might be aware of the difficulty of navigating through cobblestones while wearing heels. After doing just that the other day in my new heeled boots, I think it's safe to say I will be on my bike as much as possible while wearing them, or alternate with comfortable shoes like these high-tops. I like these Vans not only because they get me around with ease, but they add a final touch of street style that ties my look together.







Today after class I grabbed a bite to eat with my friends, samosas to be exact, and then headed home to pack because...I am headed to Switzerland tomorrow! This trip is a study tour with class for about 7 days, and we're also going to Austria and Germany. We are going to see buildings that I have only dreamed about seeing in person, and also relax! Fingers crossed for a sunny week of sightseeing and fun, xx. Paige.

camo jacket // UNIF, from UO Chicago sweater // H&M Phoenix disco pants // American Apparel high tops // Vans Sk8-Hi backpack // TimBuk2, similar, and here

Studio Style off Strøget

IMG_7490 Since I was heading in to studio to work all day, I figured why not wear an outfit that doubles in comfort and style? Although this outfit could probably pass as pajamas, I figured that dressing it up with some embellished shoes and jewels would assimilate me into the surroundings. My walk to studio is always quite interesting. My studio at school is located on Strøget, the longest pedestrian street in the world, which also happens to be the most touristy part of Copenhagen. There are tons of shops, restaurants, and street performers. I always feel like I'm part of the action as I sift my way through the weekend crowds.







I actually ended up changing tonight when I got home because there was a party at my kollegium [student apartment] to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of it's construction. I had the best time and was downstairs for like 6 hours! The Danes really know how to have fun. I will have to show you an outfit soon of what I wore, because it's quite different than what you would wear to a college party in the states. But now, it is late and I am off to bed! Hope you are having a fun weekend too, x. Paige

tee // H&M Copenhagen leggings // Wet Seal combat boots // Steve Madden backpack // TimBuk2 rosary // eBay spike necklace // Forever 21

Girl On Fire

IMG_4986 A lot of the street style I've been admiring as of late has been from European cities and New York. These styles are, not surprisingly, very focused on neutrals. This influence as well as my transition into office attire has me wearing a lot more neutral outfits than usual. I'm not complaining, but for the summer season I think color is necessary. On this day I pulled out my DIY clutch that adds a statement to my outfit, but still stays professional with its hardware detailing.









After wearing this thrifted maxi skirt once before, I was torn between chopping off the interior lining, or just leaving it be. Well, I spotted my fabric scissors one day and that skirt had a new fate. I am so glad I cut it! I love that the lace detail shows now, adding so much more depth to my outfit.

geometric crop // local boutique

lace maxi skirt // altered, Goodwill Outlet

sandals // Steve Madden for TJ Maxx

hardware clutch // DIY, check out my tutorial 

studded belt // Forever 21

midi ring // Urban Outfitters

skull cuff // eBay