Studio Skate In Action


Since I have been traveling so much, I didn't get much studio time this week. I've made up for it by working from the road [thank you mobile hotspot!] but here is a look at what I was up to when I was able to work in my office this week: 

Photo Jun 18, 8 29 31 AM.jpg

I am finally getting this deck grip-taped up and ready to ride. I'm keeping this one for myself, because it's a special board. This is the first deck I ever cut + crafted by hand, so I was really picky about the art that went on it. It should be fun to ride!

Photo Jun 17, 5 01 25 PM.jpg

The studio is starting to look fun with all of the decks inside! The 3 on the left are by Studio Skate, and the "Shocker" deck is by my friends at Parfa Crew!

Shop the Ribcage Deck + the Bold Poppy Deck in the online shop!

Photo Jun 17, 4 02 59 PM.jpg

Here's a look at my desk on a typical day...managing social media on my computer, referring to old drawings, and working out some sketches. I also like to have some inspiration on hand, and Kat Von D's book is one of my favorites! 

Photo Jun 18, 10 28 58 PM.jpg

One last exciting thing, the Kickstarter rewards have started arriving! These will all get shipped out very soon! If you missed out on the sale, you can now grab a keychain in the shop!

My deck supplies should arrive this week, and I will be in full production mode, which I'm really looking forward to! Stay tuned! x, Paige