Kimono Crazed


In order to summer up my wardrobe, I have been on the hunt for kimonos. I thought I would find some affordable ones at the mall, but I was pretty underwhelmed with the selection and prices. That's why I'm so so glad I popped into Salvation Army after the gym the other day, because I scored this one for $2.50! I's perfect. Yes, it was originally a bath robe, but cut off the tie + loops and I have myself a perfect summer layering piece! 


Another thing I'm loving about kimonos is that they also look great as coverups for a day at the pool. On Memorial Day I headed over to my friend's place for a barbecue + swimming, and I just threw on this kimono and some vintage Levi's over my bikini and I was set! I can't wait to score a couple more kimonos in different patterns, and I think I'll definitely stick to the thrift store versions! x, Paige

Kimono // Goodwill [similar]

Dress // H&M [similar]

Sandals // Target

Purse // Gypsy Warrior [similar]

Heart Sunglasses // Urban Outfitters [similar]

Horn necklace // Urban Outfitters [similar]

Claw necklace // H&M [similar]

Bird ring // flea market [similar]


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