DIY_Pegboard Organizer

DSC_0782 Today I found this scrap of pegboard in the wood shop at my school, and I knew I had to make something with it! I decided to go for the most typical use for the material--an organizer. But, I was in desperate need of a way to store all of my bracelets so I couldn't resist!


You will need some pegboard, a drill, 2 screws, and these long strips of hooks which I found at Home Depot for about 2 bucks each.


Simply screw the pegboard into your wall at the top corners. Don't screw all the way into the wall because when you slide in the hooks, they will need to rest against the wall.


Slide in the hooks into the holes. I offset mine for an asymmetrical look.


Finally, hang up your jewelry! You can also use the holes to hang up longer earrings.


And here's the finished product! I'm so happy with this and it was really fast to hang up.

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Hey guys! I wanted to share about my field trip in San Diego this past weekend and what I wore each day. It was super warm in SoCal so I kept it simple and functional for all of our events. On our trip we did 4 studio tours, went to the Salk Institute and UCSD campus, the beach, and the Kobey Flea Market! ps. this also is the first post i've done about architecture, so I've added an Architecture category to the blog!


studded detail blouse_TJ Maxx

floral pleated skirt_Urban Outfitters sale

black rhinestone loafers_Steve Madden for TJ Maxx

black watch_Marc by Marc Jacobs for Nordstrom

backpack_Timbuk2 by REI

My class went on four studio tours learning about the techniques and built work of various firms around San Diego. I really learned a lot from each firm, but I have to say that touring the studio/home of Lloyd Russell was my favorite stop of the day. He is an alumni of my school and is basically a certified badass. I really admire his hands on involvement in the construction process of his buildings and his ability to save money on projects.

This image shoes the glass window that we could stand on. The window was hooked to a motor that let it down as it opened to the outdoors and became a glass patio.


Salk Institute

lace tank top_Urban Outfitters

vintage Levi cutoffs_eBay

leather braided sandals_Rainbows

white skull earrings_DIY, see the tutorial here

sunnies_Forever 21

Salk Institute

La Jolla Beach


For the last part of our trip, my friends and I hit up the Kobey Swap Meet! I had never been to a flea market before, so I was really excited. The flea market had a good mix of clothing, antiques, and home decor items--but I ended up buying just a couple of non-fashion related items.

This is the vintage toolbox I scored to store all of my architecture supplies in studio. I also bought a blank skateboard deck for $2 that I plan to paint in the future.

neon orange crop tee_Salvation Army

vintage Levi cutoffs_eBay

brown leather studded crossbody_Steve Madden for TJ Maxx

sunnies_Forever 21

braided leather sandals_Rainbows