Sneaker Chic

IMG_8691 Tonight I had all of my architecture friends from my home university over for a dinner party at my kollegium, and we had a great time! We made some delicious food, played foosball, and wandered around the Figure 8 building afterwards. I was doing laundry earlier and didn't really have any clean pants to wear, so I opted for a skirt for the occasion. I wanted to wear my new fuzzy number, so I kept the rest of my top half simple with a striped tee from the flea market and a cool statement necklace.






I promised you guys a while back that I would show you an example of the way Danish girls dress up for an event. I've noticed that an oversized sweater with a bodycon and a pair of sneakers is their fancy outfit of choice, and I tried to wear something similar with this look. I love the ease of an outfit like this because you're not teetering in a heeled boot or anything while you cook or entertain. You also overall just give off a more laid back vibe and can enjoy the party without worrying about having sore feet!

Would you try out this style? I'd love to know! x. Paige

fuzzy jacket // New Yorker, Copenhagen striped top // Fashion Hunters Flea Market skirt // PacSun trainers // Deena + Ozzy for Urban Outfitters bag // Gypsy Warrior necklace // Forever 21

Eye on the City

IMG_6462 I wore this on my first day of class in Copenhagen on Friday! I am studying at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad, so all of my teachers speak English, but they are all Danish or from other European countries. When I picked up this graphic print dress before my trip, I couldn't wait to wear it with black trainers and a leather jacket, and thought today would be the perfect chance to wear it! Denmark is much warmer than I expected however, so I threw on an cropped black oxford instead. This dress was a nice cool choice considering it was pretty hot navigating to all of my classes, and none of the rooms have air conditioning. I don't mind though because they all have such great natural daylighting, especially my new architecture studio! Which also has a killer view. I could go on…







I love being a city-goer but navigating around has proved to be quite challenging for me. I am not used to taking complicated public transportation and am only used to riding the city bus to school in California. Yesterday I actually got pretty lost, but I think it is good for me to learn how to find my way around so that I can become more acquainted with Copenhagen and also relate my findings to my new urban design classes.

dress // H&M leather trimmed oxford // H&M trainers // Deena & Ozzy by Urban Outfitters sunnies // Target midi rings // H&M Copenhagen

P.S. Sorry for the lack of posting regularly...the wi-fi in my room is really unreliable but I am working on getting it fixed. I do however post on Instagram when I get service in the city, so keep up with me there @punkrockparti!


Overalls + Trainers

Today was the first day that I felt I blended in a bit while biking around on the streets of Amager and Copenhagen. I noticed a few days ago that shorts are not very typical or accepted to wear in the city for whatever reason. Luckily though, I have spotted lots of overalls in both the stores and on the streets, so I figured I could get away with wearing my bleached pair. I'm also fully embracing the fact that Danes wear running shoes with literally anything, even very nice work attire. I am so glad I picked up this pair at Urban Outfitters before I left. They were only 19 bucks and go with everything, but I love that the pop of neon keeps them from being too basic! IMG_6416







Tomorrow is my first day of class and I think I am going to take it another step by wearing a dress with trainers! Today I biked into the city from my apartment, about 25 minutes, to map out where all of my classes are so I am prepared for tomorrow. Unfortunately the chain popped on my bike on the way in and I need to fix it, but I will just take the metro instead! Other than that, biking is so fun and easy here. I am loving it!

Thanks for reading! I'll see you tomorrow, x. Paige

camo tee // UO overalls // DIY from Goodwill trainers // Deena and Ozzy by UO sunnies // Forever 21 bag // Gypsy Warrior midi rings // H&M Copenhagen