Life Lately || Volume 3

What a crazy week this was! My first big project of the semester was due on Wednesday, and I presented it Thursday. I was worried about the outcome for a while, but ended up being really happy with my work! This was actually the first time I've ever completed a major project without pulling an all-nighter. How did I do it? I'm getting better at time management. Working without sleep is definitely not as productive for me. So, instead of pulling 1 all-nighter, I had 2 nights with 3 AM bedtimes, and just woke up earlier to hit the ground running! I hope this is something I can implement in the future, because it was a lot easier on my mind + body. 

life lately 3.jpg

1 // Proud mama with my completed project! 2// The Punkrockparti closet shop just got a bunch of new pretty pieces! Check them out right here 3// Sunny city shot of the King's Garden on a Sunday, from this outfit post! 4// I'm currently in Germany for week on a travel break, and this is a little flashback from Berlin pre-haircut! 

Today I'll be spending time with my German relatives, who I'm staying with for the week. I'm most excited to celebrate Karnivale this weekend with them, which is a big party [costumes included] in the city. Can't wait to experience it and share! 

Links I'm Loving:

  • With my recent watercolor endeavors, I am really drawn to this post of architect and artist Jorge Royan's tools and drawings. I really want to make one of those DIY watercolor kits!!
  • This is an old favorite of mine, but if your interested in architecture, urbanism, or just cities in general you need to watch Urbanized. If you're located in the states it's available on Netflix!
  • I mentioned this on Twitter the other day, but a bunch of the DIY bloggers I love have been getting the most amazing studio spaces! Can you say jealous? I think my favorite so far is Geneva's studio from A Pair and a Spare. I dream of having a space like that of my own to work in one day! 

How was your week? I hope it was rad! Have any great links to share? Leave it all below! 

x, Paige. 


As promised, my [better quality] London photo diary! Visiting London has always been a dream of mine. Like I said in my last London post, I started watching British fashion gurus on Youtube which turned me on to starting a fashion blog myself! I was so inspired by their unique pieces and bold sense of style. Ever since then, I've always wanted to go! 4 days was definitely not long enough to spend in this rad, amazing, incredible [I could go on] city, but hopefully I'll go back one day! IMG_2638




The London Eye // Camden Lock Market on the waterfront // Favorite street I stumbled across in Soho // Perfect skyline





Skatepark on Southbank // Another picturesque scene on Southbank. I'm a sucker for old merry-go-rounds // Frolicking with Steph in Hyde Park // Spotted more Invader street art! Super exciting because I had just found one the week before in Köln, Germany





Another area in Camden Lock Market // Always have to check out every UO I find in new cities // New favorite Urban Renewal project, located in Southbank. Need to look into this one more! // And of course, Big Ben!

"There's nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere." -Vivienne Westwood