Bangs + Burgundy

IMG_8670 So, obvious thing first...I got bangs! I've been away from the blog for a few days and while I was taking a break, this happened. I actually did it myself last night and having never cut my own hair before, I was pretty pleasantly surprised with how they turned out. I just felt like I needed a little drama in my 'do. My favorite part is that they add some more interest to an every day top knot, which is the preferred hairstyle of choice for women in Denmark. At first I thought it was just a style thing, but after seeing how windy it has been recently these past few days, I now realize its a necessity. But a stylish one!







Another current favorite is burgundy. Also know in the blogosphere as oxblood, I love seeing this color pop up starting in fall. It's a color that is still dark to fit in with the season, but is just as easy to work into your wardrobe as any other neutral. This Vero Moda cardigan adds some pop to an otherwise all-black outfit. I'm into it.

cardigan // Vero Moda Danzig tank // Goodwill Outlet leather pants // UNIF, similar boots // DinSko, Sweden scarf // H&M Copenhagen bird ring // Fashion Hunters Flea Market, similar skull ring // Brandy Melville USA

x. Paige

Camouflaged Cobblestones

IMG_7861 If you've ever traveled to Europe before, or a city with medieval urban planning, you might be aware of the difficulty of navigating through cobblestones while wearing heels. After doing just that the other day in my new heeled boots, I think it's safe to say I will be on my bike as much as possible while wearing them, or alternate with comfortable shoes like these high-tops. I like these Vans not only because they get me around with ease, but they add a final touch of street style that ties my look together.







Today after class I grabbed a bite to eat with my friends, samosas to be exact, and then headed home to pack because...I am headed to Switzerland tomorrow! This trip is a study tour with class for about 7 days, and we're also going to Austria and Germany. We are going to see buildings that I have only dreamed about seeing in person, and also relax! Fingers crossed for a sunny week of sightseeing and fun, xx. Paige.

camo jacket // UNIF, from UO Chicago sweater // H&M Phoenix disco pants // American Apparel high tops // Vans Sk8-Hi backpack // TimBuk2, similar, and here

Copenhagen Must-Haves!

In a little over a month I am packing my bags for a school year abroad in Copenhagen! As big as my closet is, this Arizona girl is lacking clothes fit for cold and rainy weather. These are some of the pieces I have my eye on to keep me warm and prepared, but also stylish while abroad: Copenhagen Must Haves with text

American Apparel Disco Pants // will go with anything and hello thick material to keep me warm! North Face Backpack // I need a huge hands free carryall for short trips around Europe Dot Grid Journal // you can bet I'll be packing a bunch of sketchbooks, and I have my eye on this one Drop Dead Jacket // I'm on the hunt for visually interesting jackets to avoid being in solid black Gold Chain Necklace // Need one of these babies to throw on with the disco pants and a sweater Unif Hellraisers // It's no secret I love black loafers, and I'm ready upgrade to a spiky pair Pilot Varsity Ink Pen // These are my favorite sketching pens; I want to stock up and bring a bunch Clear Heeled Rain Boots // Amazingly minimal for rainy days in Copenhagen...but sold out ugh!

I'm excited to get to Copenhagen, and the chance to pick up a few great new pieces. I hope you'll join me in preparation for my big trip! Thanks for reading! x

Into the Great Wide Open

IMG_1755 Finally a cold day has passed through and I got to pull out my prized Unif AWOL jacket. Since buying it in Chicago I hadn't had a chance to wear it, but today was the day. Lately I'm loving the look of neon mixed with neutrals (especially camo as a neutral) even though I think this trend is a little out of style, but I could care less about that. When you're going to wear one of your favorite pieces in your closet, why not throw on another? Which for me are my vintage Docs. They just complete an outfit so well in my opinion.

Today's outfit track is one that I felt went well with the camp/neon/tye-dye coming from this outfit. Listen along to "Into the Great Wide Open" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers while you view, here!








P.S. How awesome are these nails I got at Target? They are stick-on with a simple peel-off back, but they seriously last so long. They feel really strong on my nails and even made it through a beach day this weekend. Obsessed!

camo spiked jacket_Unif AWOL Jacket, Urban Outfitters, sale neon graphic tee_Urban Outfitters, sale vintage cutoffs_Levi's from eBay vintage boots_Doc Martens from Rose Bowl Flea Market studded bowling bag_Gypsy Warrior arrow ring_gift, Forever 21 acrylic ring_DIY lasercut tye dye nail_imPRESS nails, Target

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