Cool Urban Space: Berlin Friedrichshain


It's about time I shared some more of my Germany adventures! Like I said in this abandoned spy tower post, we found so many cool spaces in Berlin that I had to give a couple of them a little more attention. As you know, I was staying with relatives, and one took me to this urban renewal space in Berlin-Friedrichshain that was [as I'm told] coal industry buildings that went out of use post-war. When we walked in I was instantly hooked by all of the street art, but my architecture nerd senses really started tingling once we dug a bit deeper. Check out this super cool space! 


We first discovered the space used by Urban Spree after we entered at Warschauer Straße. The outside paintings were quite enticing, and I peeked inside to find a wood-clad gallery + bookshop that was super rad. It had an Urban Outfitters vibe...but way cooler. I'm excited to see that they have a pretty active blog, so I can keep up with their adventures even though I'm not located in Berlin! 


Also gotta love this stack they had going out front! At the abandoned spy tower I went to the day before they had their cans just scattered in a pile, so I loved that they turned the empties into it's own art piece. 


Say hello to my new favorite piece of street art. I admire a lot of street pieces but this one inspired me so much. I think I'm drawn to it because my painting style is similar; I love using a black outline and neon colors. A photo of this baby is definitely on my list of pictures I want to make prints of for my place! 


Okay, this is when the Friedrichshain space got really juicy. We peered down this little tunnel and BAM! Rock climbing wall. It's no secret that I love climbing, but I really only do it with my friends when I'm home for summers in Arizona. This place [called Der Kegel] was like 2-story indoor/outdoor jungle. They were really using the space available in interesting ways. Including this crazy outdoor climbing thing! I still have no idea what this cone was at first.  


And the cool keeps getting cooler with this indoor skate park, Skatehalle. This place was the most legit skate park I had ever seen, and was attached to a small room called the Skate Café. It served yummy drinks + snacks as well as rented out skate decks  and gear. You could rent a deck and skate all day for only 6 Euro, about 9 bucks! I love concepts like this and to top it off the people that worked there were super friendly. 


Here are a few more images that fill you in on the magic of this place...


I hope I get to go back to Berlin someday soon and try out this space a little more in-depth. I'm dying to jump on that rock wall! 

I dream of starting a space like this myself one day. Is it something that you wish existed in your community? Discuss in the comments below! 

x, Paige.