DIY_evil eye chain bracelet

i have always loved evil eye bracelets ever since visting Greece, but have noticed that they are on trend right now such as collections by Betsey Johnson, Vanessa Kandiyoti, and on ASOS. this diy transforms some chunky link chain and a single evil eye bead into a chic silver bracelet. enjoy!

1_take a chunky link chain and measure it to fit around your wrist 2_cut the link chain in half to create a space for the evil eye bead. (i used an old watch i thrifted and just cut off the watch face to create the space) 3_attach 2 jump rings together and then attach to one piece of the chain bracelet. do the same for the other piece of the bracelet. (see detail image below)

4_next take a small piece of wire and wrap around one of the jump rings. use a pair of pliers to both cut the wire and secure it to the jump ring 5_thread the evil eye bead onto the wire. then attach the loose end of the wire to the other jump ring and secure with pliers. 6_you should now have a single connected bracelet. attach a few jump rings to either end of the bracelet, and add a simple lobster clasp for the closure. 7_pair with your other favorite silver accessories for a wrist full of new arm candy!

p.s. bear with me through my first few DIYs if you're finding them difficult to follow, i'm not used to describing how i make something. until then, feel free to ask questions in the comments below and thanks for reading!