This week I had the opportunity to speak publicly + share a message that I am so passionate about, positivity. 

The online space is still pretty crazy to me. The fact that I can spread positivity, creativity, and inspire others through my laptop really blows my mind. I was super honored to be approached by a woman who had been watching my Snapchat, to speak on this topic. 

Spreading positivity through art thumbnail.jpg

I don't public speak often, but would definitely like to more frequently in the future, so this was great practice! I filmed the talk so I could share it with you as well, and have included some clips of it in today's vlog. Enjoy! 

Click below to watch: 

I would love to know how you maintain a positive mental attitude! I am all about that PMA :) Thanks for watching! 

Longboard Painting + The Art Studio Routine ♥ Paige Poppe, Artist

 I am loving getting into my daily routine, and showing up ready to paint + work at my studio each day! I was busy working on a watercolor piece for a styled shoot and painting a new longboard design.  

aprill 11 studio vlog thumbnail.jpg

This longboard design is one that I had printed with my artwork in the wintertime. Since the image was standalone in the middle, I wanted to add hand painted elements to turn it into a finished piece! 

Click below to watch:

Thanks so much for watching guys! I'll be back in the studio this afternoon to start The 100 Day Project! I can't wait!

Art Gallery Drop-Off + Day Designer A5 Unboxing! ♥️ VLOG

 A day of shipping art prints, unboxing my new Day Designer A5 planner, going to drop off art at my local gallery MoonAge Tempe, and having dinner with Mo at ChopShop!


I've linked the products + places I mentioned in this video below:

» MoonAge Tempe  gallery...one of my favorite places + people ever!
1020 S Mill Ave Suite C
Tempe AZ, 85281

» Day Designer A5 planner

» Original ChopShop Co.

» Shop my art prints

After an adventurous weekend of showing my friends Asia + John around Arizona, it has been fun to catch up today and edit a new video! Hope you are still enjoying the vlogs. I really feel like it's the most natural way for me to share my process and new work!

P.S. How are we liking the new signature below?!

Styling a Photoshoot + an Art Market Night: VLOG

A couple weeks ago I had the super fun opportunity to style a photoshoot for one of my creative coaching clients. Taylor is so talented + connected to her work, and a great friend as well! She teamed up with photographer Josseline Arellano, and myself. I had the opportunity to shoot with Josseline in the past, so it was great to see her + work with her again as well! 


» By Taylor Cordova, Flower Crowns

» See the images from the photoshoot, by Josseline Arellano!

» Photographer, Josseline Arellano

» Book me to style a photoshoot:

» Phoenix Flea is March 5th at Heritage Square! 10 am to 5pm in downtown Phoenix. It's one of the best opportunities to shop local, and I'll have a booth. Please come stop by + say hi! 

» Desoto Central Market 

» Melt Ice Cream 

I am grateful for sunny days like this one having rad experiences, using creativity, and getting to enjoy the beautiful scenery while working. Can we talk about that view of Camelback Mountain?! I die. 

I hope you take some time to get outside and/or be creative this weekend. Today I am relaxing my face off after 2 weeks of solid hustle, and tomorrow will be for bike rides with Jake + I'll be meeting up with Taylor again too, yay! P.S. Totally going to vlog tomorrow, so stay tuned! Thanks so much for reading.