New Original Paintings + Pedaling: Vlog

Painting + pedaling, it's what I do best. 

I am so into vlogging + editing lately, that I'm up late posting this. It's 12:40, I am tired, but I literally couldn't go to bed without digging into new footage. Therefore,


Thanks so much for watching! Like I said tomorrow, a new collection of original paintings will be available TOMORROW! Which is February 25th, 2016. They will be available at 4pm MST. Can't wait for you to collect my new pieces!

Merry Christmas from me to you!

Wanted to take a moment to wish you a Merry Christmas, or a happy holiday season if we celebrate something different :) 

After cooking + baking this morning, I spent the afternoon painting watercolors at my desk. I created a few pieces that I've had in the back of my mind, and also some mindless pieces that just feel good to create. 

merry christmas watercolor.jpg

To me, part of the season is spending time to relax + reflect. I am looking forward to lazier days, painting pieces that will come to life in the new year, and finish a couple larger commissions. It will be great to fully commit my mind to these pieces, and welcome 2016. 

Here you can see a page in my sketchbook while working at my home desk this morning. I enjoyed coffee in one of my new hand painted mugs (available in my shop soon!) and I just love the sparkling little tree in the background. 

Anyway, you guys know I am big into goal-setting, so I look forward to sharing my 2015 goals, how the year progressed (better than I ever imagined!) and what I have on the horizon for new years resolutions! 

Thank you so much for reading this blog + for a wonderful year of business! I am very grateful for you. Have a relaxing day! 

Watercolor Sketchbook Tour Video

Today I wanted to share a sketchbook tour of my watercolor paintings! If you watch me on the Periscope app (@Paige_Poppe) you may be familiar with this Moleskine sketchbook. It has been nicknamed the #PersicopeSketchbook, because I would paint in it while broadcasting on the app + chat with you. 


There are just 2 pages left at the end of the sketchbook, so I wanted to share the progress I've made it in so far, and talk a bit about the story or mindset behind each painting. Some are just for fun, for color experimentation, or have a lot of meaning to me. 

Click below to watch the tour + enjoy!

Resources I mentioned in the video: 

» Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook

» Copenhagen Painting Video

» Watercolor

I feel very re-inspired to create videos lately, so I hope you are enjoying them! My favorite part to edit is the beginning intro because it gives me a chance to be artsy with film, and I love playing with new mediums. Film is a medium just as much as painting, and it is interesting to experiment with. So far my intros are short 20 to 30 second mash-ups, but I am thinking of creating some longer versions in a similar way. I think that could be so fun! Stay tuned. 

New Original Watercolors Series is Here!

Painting is special because it can be meditative and a source of self-reflection.

This painting series was exactly that.

This series of original watercolor paintings was inspired by my summer of reconnecting with the desert. I relocated back to my native state of Arizona, after living & studying in California the past 5 years. These paintings were created shortly after the move, and speak to this new time in my life. 

And I want you to share in that experience with me.

Click here to shop + collect the 11 original watercolor paintings!

Zine Originals_Styled.jpg

All of the paintings are pencil and watercolor. They are framed + ready to hang on your wall, or to be gifted to someone special to you. Each piece includes a certificate of authenticity, signed + numbered out of 11 originals. 

You'll also notice a selection of quote paintings, and handwriting on top of paintings. These are quotes that I wanted to share with you as inspiration + encouragement. They spoke to me over the last few months, and I hope they will speak to you. 

Shop the 11 original watercolor paintings.

IMG_9136 (3).jpg

I hope you will collect your favorite piece and enjoy it in your home or gift it to someone special!

Sending positive + creative vibes your way!