Watercolor Sketchbook Tour Video

Today I wanted to share a sketchbook tour of my watercolor paintings! If you watch me on the Periscope app (@Paige_Poppe) you may be familiar with this Moleskine sketchbook. It has been nicknamed the #PersicopeSketchbook, because I would paint in it while broadcasting on the app + chat with you. 


There are just 2 pages left at the end of the sketchbook, so I wanted to share the progress I've made it in so far, and talk a bit about the story or mindset behind each painting. Some are just for fun, for color experimentation, or have a lot of meaning to me. 

Click below to watch the tour + enjoy!

Resources I mentioned in the video: 

» Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook

» Copenhagen Painting Video

» Watercolor

I feel very re-inspired to create videos lately, so I hope you are enjoying them! My favorite part to edit is the beginning intro because it gives me a chance to be artsy with film, and I love playing with new mediums. Film is a medium just as much as painting, and it is interesting to experiment with. So far my intros are short 20 to 30 second mash-ups, but I am thinking of creating some longer versions in a similar way. I think that could be so fun! Stay tuned. 

Watercolor Wednesdays || Volume 11


Last week my watercolor class got lucky with a hot hot day and we took our sketchbooks over to the harbor front and worked on a few paintings. It was pretty blissful hanging out, painting, and soaking up the sun. Unfortunately I was also a little bit unlucky and got a pretty gnarly sunburn...oops. But it was honestly so nice to paint outside that I can't really complain! Here are my 2 perspective paintings, and a little nautical detail!


So, to be honest it was a little difficult to paint perspectives of the harbor. There were a lot of details to capture, and the view was also at a very far distance. I found that spending a little extra time on the sketches paid off, because it allowed the bridges, towers, and buildings to be clearly read. 


This perspective view is pretty iconic for Copenhagen, which is known for it's harbor fronts. On the left you can see the Black Diamond library, and the turquoise green towers are very characteristic of the harbor bridges. I had to redraw aspects of this scene quite a few times, but it paid off. Thank god for erasers!


The other harbor perspective was in the opposite direction. The sun was shining so brightly in my eyes that it was difficult to see what the true colors were, so I chose to paint everything in a very light wash. I enjoy the contrast that this created between the two paintings, and my demonstrates how the light affected the area.


Finally, we worked on something more still-life for a change, and painted these anchor rings on the harborfront walkway. There were so many cobblestones scattered underneath the rings, and the sun was casting varying shadows all over them, which I really wanted to capture. Painting all of those shadows was definitely time consuming, but if I've learned anything about watercolor it's that it takes patience. 

Besides improving my painting skills, I'm really grateful for this class because it has strengthened my perspective drawing skills. This was something I was never very good at in the past, and I have been feeling more confident about it as of late.  

So that's all for today guys! What art are you loving lately? I will see you tomorrow with a new style post! x, Paige