Watercolor Wednesdays || Volume 7


While I haven't had the chance to blog my travel photos from my Stockholm + Helsinki trip, today I'm going to share my watercolor paintings from that trip with you. I actually think that's a good order to go in, artistic perspective first, realistic perspective second. I hope that these pictures capture my impressions of the cities and that you are loving this series! Today I'm also including the photos that inspired the paintings so that you can get a peek at what I was experiencing. Enjoy!


The first two travel paintings I did were pretty abstract and this one was of the Stockholm Public Library, which has a cylinder shaped interior. I kept the painting pretty basic and let the colors speak for themselves.


The other abstract painting was of Steven Hohl's [amazing] Chiasma Contemporary Art Museum in Helsinki. I had to capture this modern stained glass window and the light that is reflected around the space. My teacher critiqued this one for my mid review, and showed me how it would look if it was cropped just down to the colored portion to show me that it is a much stronger painting that way, and I agree. Something to consider! 


And finally I loved this little setup in Gamla Stan, a historic public square in Stockholm. I loved this little set up--the chalkboard, old stone, the flowers...it just screams Europe to me. I spent a lot of time on the details of the stone shading, which is why this painting was my favorite of the three. I attempted to do a negative space painting of the chalkboard to capture the text, but I ended up painting over it. It's something I would like to get better at in the future! 

That's all I have to share with you guys today, and the last of the postcard paintings you'll see on Punkrockparti. I think I told you this already, but I finally purchased a full size watercolor pad and I can already see so much improvement in my paintings. I can't wait to show you! 

See you tomorrow! x, Paige.