Watercolor Wednesdays || Volume 6


Happy hump day! I have really been enjoying documenting my progress in this watercolor class, and I think this week showed some big improvements on my paintings. Lately I find myself being more patient and focused while I paint...crazy focused in fact! I was working on these last night and totally zoned out the Netflix I was watching and the blinking notifications from Facebook on my screen. It's nice to be so concentrated on something because I enjoy it.


First off, I really love this assignment that my teacher presented. I think these paintings of facades around the city are so nice and detailed, and I really love how they capture the charm of Copenhagen. The goal of these paintings was to practice different lighting techniques. The watercolor on the left was in shade, while the facade on the right was in direct sunlight. 


When painting in shade, you notice that the windows reflect the surroundings in full color, so it's important to capture that in the painting. This facade is a cute narrow building with a cafe on the bottom in Gråbrødretorv. I also spent a lot of time on the pencil work of these two facade drawings, which I think paid off in capturing all of the little details. 


In comparison, this was the facade in full sun, and it was a pretty complicated one with all of the arches and stonework. As you can see in the first photo, I started out  by painting the darkest areas first, which were the shadows. This painting was more tedious that the shaded facade because you need to spent time on both the shadows and the color choices, but it's amazing how realistic it can look when finished!  


This one is admittedly my least favorite of the four, but it's no secret that I've never been the best at drawing things in the correct perspective! The painting was of a modern facade on Skindergade in the shade. This is a situation where I wished I had worked more on the base sketch so that it would look more realistic, but I like how the window reflection turned out at least!


And the final painting was one that I was dreading because I didn't think it would come out well, but I was proven wrong. As always, patience is key with watercolor...in my opinion at least. In order for this one to not become a page overwhelmed with colors, I had to paint everything behind the wall very faintly. I was surprised that I pulled it off...at least I think so! What do you guys think? Let me know which is your favorite in a comment below!

All of these paintings were done on my postcard sized Sennelier Watercolor Block, but I have good news guys! I finally got a larger sized watercolor pad. I think it's really going to improve my drawings and let me paint even more details. I look forward to sharing more with you next week! x, Paige.