Some days are so freaking productive.

Yesterday was like that for me. Actually, this whole week has been. 

I have a few key things I've been implementing (such as only checking my email twice per day at scheduled times) and I'm looking forward to sharing those changes with you in the future, in case you want to implement them in your own creative business. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 2.11.03 PM.png

I was so in the zone yesterday, that at first, I completely forgot to Snapchat. What? I made up for it with a rapid fire round of all the things I had been working on haha. So I made up for it! 

Click below to watch my daily video diary:

Thanks for watching!

Hosting a Local Painting Workshop! | Paige Poppe

Nothing compares to the experience of teaching painting in person. 

This weekend I hosted a local notebook painting workshop, and it was too fun. Joining Periscope really opened my eyes to realize that more people are feeling inspired + wanting to practice their painting skills, or just paint simply to unnwind. 

It was so great to hang out with these babes, paint together, listen to music, and just have a fun + creative Saturday afternoon.

I will be sharing a more detailed blog post this week with photos from the event, but for now I hope you'll enjoy this video diary of our workshop day! 

If you are a local looking to attend a fun event in the Arizona area, I hope you'll join me at Madewell at Scottsdale Fashion Square mall this Saturday, September 5th from 12-3pm!