Painting the Desert: "Rosemary" Timelapse Video

All of my paintings are like my babies, but this one is the new favorite of the fam. This piece has sold, and I will really miss it! Thankfully the magic of video will let me hang onto the process of this piece, and help e remember how I felt while painting it. 

Something about this piece felt so right for me. I wanted to achieve a creaminess, layered with thick pencil, that captured the magic of the desert. More and more I realize that although I paint in unrealistic colors, the desert really embodies all of these colors. I just love enhancing them. 

Rosemary Painting Thumbnail.jpg

I painted this piece over the course of 2 days. Click below to watch my process:

Thank you for watching! Sending all the positive + creative vibes your way today@

Painting Edges of a Large Piece in my Studio

This video is an effort to share a bit more raw, unedited footage with you! 

I feel like in the online world, and sometimes in my own work, you get the edited perfect version of everything. I try to be a real as possible, but I do love to make pretty photos + videos to share with you. 

I got some footage while painting this large 36" round cacti piece, and I thought I would share it in real time. No time-lapse, no fancy editing. It's pretty short, but I thought it would be fun to try! Maybe we can have more of these in the future :) 

Click below to watch: 

I hope your week is off to an amazing start! Today I worked on a new art print collection, went and worked out with my personal trainer, and then recorded tomorrow's episode of the podcast with Asia! Now I'm off to the Coyotes hockey game with Jake and our friends :) A good excuse to get away from my desk!

x, Paige.png

November Favorites!

Hey hey! It's the start of a new month, which means I recap the products + resources I was obsessed with in November. I love sharing these with you, and hope that you might find something new to check out + enjoy :)


In November I was loving on art supplies, jewelry, comic books, and a certain little podcast ;) Click below to watch: 

I can't explain why, but I feel the most connected to you with these monthly favorites videos. Maybe because I feel like I'm talking to a friend about things that I like + think you would like to? It's just a fun way to step inside someone's brain and find some new things to check out. 

Thanks so much for watching! I hope you have a great December! 

Behind the Scenes of a Skateboard Painting

Now that you've seen my new workspace, it's time that you see what I get up to in it, yes? Yes! 

I'm always working on multiple projects at a time, and on this day I was creating a custom skateboard painting and prepping for my last art market at Desoto in DT PHX. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 4.38.40 PM.png

I'm not really one to sit still, and I think a lot of other creatives are the same way. I enjoy having projects to pick up and work on, and then switch over to something else to get in a new head space. I really think this keeps my imagination and creativity flowing! 

Watch my latest video for a look at what I get up to on a typical day! 

What keeps you inspired + full of ideas? I'd love to hear from you! 

Sending all the positive + creative vibes your way!