Flea Market Queen - Life Lately

So guys, today marks me having 2 weeks left of living in Copenhagen. It's incredibly bittersweet, and I'm trying not to think about it too much. I have been working like mad on my final design project of fourth year [4 years down, 1 to go!] so I've unfortunately been tied up. I do like to take breaks to get some sun + a little shopping, but I'm excited to be done.

You best believe that as soon as I turn in my project on Monday that I will be making the most out of my time here and going out with a bang! Here's what I was up to this week:

life lately 12_2.jpg

1// Today I went to the last flea market of the year at my favorite coffee shop to sell some of my clothes, and scored this PERFECT dress by Lazy Oafs. I have been wanting this dress for a very long time but didn't want to spend $97 on it, and today I found it for $10! P.S. If you like this print, you can still get the leggings version from Dolls Kill. 2// A quick outfit from yesterday wearing my fav vintage Danzig tank. I seriously have to force myself to not wear this, otherwise I would never take it off.  

life lately 11_3.jpg

3// Since I have been working on my final design project so much this week, I have been taking some breaks in the park to relax. I wore my H&M gemmed sandals to a garden the other day! 4// Although I've been busy, I've made running a priority lately. My new route has a big ass windmill on it...casual! I'm also wearing a Jordan Buckley art tee!

life lately 12_2.jpg

5// Since I find myself working on the computer more than I'd care to, taking my work outside has been a lot more bearable. And how cute is this Monki phone case?! 6// And yet another amazing flea market score from last week, this rad vintage Levi's vest I got at the spring flea market in Nørrebro. I think this piece was such a cool find and I can't wait to rock it this summer!

P.S. I just filmed a bunch of these fashion finds in my latest haul video, which will be up next weekend! Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can watch it too!

I hope you guys have been enjoying spring and are getting as lucky as I am at flea markets lately! I think they're the best way to find unique style and save some money. x, Paige