Art Galleries + San Luis Obispo ♥ VLOG!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know my boyfriend visited me in San Luis Obispo a couple weeks back. I go to school in SLO, and Jake lives in our home state of Arizona, so it's always fun when he comes into town!

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I figured it would be a great weekend to film a vlog, because I would be going to all of the fun outdoorsy places with Jake that I normally don't get around to visiting when I'm caught up with school. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 7.13.10 PM.png

I also had a couple of art galleries that weekend, which I was very excited about, so it was an even more ideal weekend to film so I could share it with you! 

Just click below to watch our weekend adventures + take in the seriously beautiful scenery. Like, OMG I'm dying. 

I loved this weekend I spent with Jake. Just a few days before, I had watched one of my favorite YouTubers encourage her viewers to go explore in her weekend adventure video. It reminded me that I should go out + enjoy more of the things my own town has to offer, even if someone isn't in town visiting! 

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Sending positive + creative vibes your way! 

Get to Know Me!

Now that I've kicked up my YouTube game, I realized that some of my subscribers may not know me that well...and maybe some of you don't either! I filmed this fun little Get to Know Me TAG video for ya. And remember, I upload new fashion videos every Saturday! And when I have some free time, you get special videos like this one too! 

I want to get to know you too, so tell me something about yourself! x, Paige