New Original Watercolors Series is Here!

Painting is special because it can be meditative and a source of self-reflection.

This painting series was exactly that.

This series of original watercolor paintings was inspired by my summer of reconnecting with the desert. I relocated back to my native state of Arizona, after living & studying in California the past 5 years. These paintings were created shortly after the move, and speak to this new time in my life. 

And I want you to share in that experience with me.

Click here to shop + collect the 11 original watercolor paintings!

Zine Originals_Styled.jpg

All of the paintings are pencil and watercolor. They are framed + ready to hang on your wall, or to be gifted to someone special to you. Each piece includes a certificate of authenticity, signed + numbered out of 11 originals. 

You'll also notice a selection of quote paintings, and handwriting on top of paintings. These are quotes that I wanted to share with you as inspiration + encouragement. They spoke to me over the last few months, and I hope they will speak to you. 

Shop the 11 original watercolor paintings.

IMG_9136 (3).jpg

I hope you will collect your favorite piece and enjoy it in your home or gift it to someone special!

Sending positive + creative vibes your way!


Sundays are perfect for hanging out, having fun, and doing a little Monday planning. 

These days I have really enjoyed straight chilling with my Jake + my friends on the weekends. We've been watching multiple episodes of Chopped, comic book shopping, and this weekend Gabe and I even filmed a challenge video together. 

I balance out all of this fun with a little bit of work here + there, usually on Sunday nights. I enjoy getting prepped for Monday so I can relax + then jump into my to-do list at the start of the new week. 

This week is going to be particularly busy for me, so doing a little brain dump to clear my head and visualize everything that needs to get done was a huge help. 

Click below to watch Sunday's video diary: 

Have you ordered your copy of my watercolor zine "Flora + Fauna" yet? Today I saw it in print for the first time, and it was seriously so cool to see it come to life. I can't to hear what you think!


Custom Map Skateboard + Watercolor Zine Progress! | Video Diary

Creatives are the ultimate multi-taskers. 

We balance so many projects + wear a lot of different hats, but I know we all love it! 

That has been my life this week! Balancing commissions + my personal project, the Flora + Fauna watercolor zine, has me going back and forth between a bunch of different tasks....and loving it!

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.24.32 PM.png

It was exciting to write + paint the last few pages of the zine, and get it ready to go to print. It is so cool to see it all come together and self publish something of my own! 

Click below to watch the process of it all coming together!

If you would like your own copy of the zine, take advantage of the pre-order price which is still available until Thursday.

I am really looking forward to putting this booklet of my paintings + words out into the world, and would love to share it with you. 

My zine is now available for pre-order!

I have teased at this exciting watercolor project I have been working on for the summer, and I can finally share the news...

my zine "Flora + Fauna" is now available for pre-order!


This collection of prints of my original watercolor paintings is very special to me. Having moved back to Arizona, I am so inspired by the Southwest and this magical summer. 

If you caught me on Periscope (@paigepoppe) last night, you will have already seen the first look at 4 of the pages in the zine! I will be sure to share that video footage with you on the blog next week! 

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 6.37.23 PM.png

Choosing the pre-order option for the zine is awesome because you get special early-bird pricing + your zine will be a signed copy as well! 


I created this zine so that you can access multiple paintings in a compendium, for a lower price than one of my fine art watercolor prints. This baby is 16-20 pages long, so thats a lot of art in one place! 

To those of you that have already ordered, thank you! I can't wait to get these out to you next month + share my desert vibes with you.