The Story of How & Why I Moved My Workspace

Daylighting is so important for any analog creative. 

Living in Copenhagen, Denmark is where I learned how true that statement is. The Danes are often referred to as the "masters of light," and after living there, I can see why. 

Denmark gets very little sunlight throughout the year (total struggle for this Arizona girl), but they have learned to be incredibly perceptive to lighting while designing their buildings. 

My workspace in California was next to a big huge window, and I got uninterrupted daylight for hours. Like no joke, the window was so far from any adjacent buildings, so it was never obstructed. That was the jam.

Fast forward to moving back to Arizona, I thought that they only space my desk would fit was the the darkest corner of my room. I hooked up a big hanging studio light to counteract the darkness, but man that thing hurt my eyes. I knew I had to find another solution, and honestly, I don't know how I worked without natural light for the last 2 months. 


Fast forward to this week when I just spur of the moment decided to move all of my furniture, and successfully! fit my desk under the window. As I write this, the soft light is beaming in my window filling my space, and I am a happy girl. 

Phew. That was a lot of words. I'm just really passionate about natural light guys. 

Click below to watch the new workspace unfold + a typical studio day: 

Is your workspace near a window, or do you prefer a darker environment? I'm curious if digital artists prefer to have less natural light in there space. Hmmm...