"Eye of Technicolor" Fine Art Print

Eye of Technicolor.jpg
Eye of Technicolor.jpg

"Eye of Technicolor" Fine Art Print

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"Eye of Technicolor" Fine Art Print

The "eye of the desert" surveys the landscape and the technicolor hues cast by the sun. The all-seeing eye watches over nature + provides luck to it's guests.

  • Fine art print of an original watercolor, painted in my Scottsdale, Arizona studio

  • Printed on acid-free, archival paper; has the texture of watercolor paper

  • Dimensions: 8"x10" or 5"x7"

  • Frame not included

  • Packaged in a clear plastic sleeve with cardstock backing + shipped in a bubble mailer to protect your artwork 

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  • Watermark logo will not be printed on the art your receive! 

  • Digitally signed by the artist, Paige Poppe

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